Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SQL SERVER – How to Stop Growing Log File Size(Performance Tuning)

This question coming form performance tuning.
Using following technique you can stop the growing Log file-

Tips 1) Suppose you database is inserting only 100 row per hour and you are taking the T-log backup every 30 minutes than you will see Log file will automatically increase. So that minimize the frequently T-Log backup.

Tips 2) Using Simple Recovery model you can stop the size of growing log file.

Note - Some time most of the DBA Truncating the T-Log but In this situation you can not recover the Point In Time recovery because it's remove the LOG SEQUENCE NUMBER (LSN) of T-Log file.

Tips 3) If you are not worry to suspect your database then you can truncate the T-Log file.

Tips 4) Using Shrink Database you can also stop growing log file size. but it depend on the situation. genrally don't perform the Shrink Operation on the database or log file.

If you have another tips than please comment.

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