Friday, January 27, 2012

SQL SERVER 2008 -FileStream Data Types

FileStream Data Types

FileStream data types are a new, interesting feature in SQL SERVER 2008. Basically,
the database engine will store all of the data associated with the column in a disk
file as opposed to the actual database. You might have used a similar home-grown
scheme in earlier versions of SQL, but this integrates everything nicely into
SQL Server.
In order to use FileStream, you must first enable it. This is accomplished via the
Management Studio under
Once FileStream is enabled, a file group must be added to the database in order
for it to be able to use FileStream data types.
FileStream has the following limitations:

system stored procedure, or via the GUI inadvanced settings.

I hope it will help .
Native encryption is not possible by SQL Server for FileStream data.
Database snapshots are not supported for FileStream data.
Database mirroring cannot be configured in databases with FileStream data.

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